The 2021 INMR WORLD CONGRESS will include a 3-day Technical Conference with 120 highly practical papers presented by international experts from within the electrical transmission and distribution sector. These will include:

  • experienced utility engineers in line and substation design, operation and maintenance
  • world-renowned consultants to the electrical power industry
  • experts from high voltage and high power test laboratories
  • university professors in power engineering
  • engineers from industry ‘think tanks’
  • engineers and experts from manufacturers of high voltage components and equipment.















The 120 papers to be presented during the 2021 INMR WORLD CONGRESS will aim to be highly practical and assist engineers in optimizing specification, testing, operation and maintenance of key network components, including insulators, surge arresters, bushings and cable accessories.


Session #1
Plenary General Session
This session will feature technical presentations for all Congress attendees.
Chairman: Marvin Zimmerman, INMR, Canada

Session #2
Latest Developments in Insulator Design, Application & Inspection
This session will explore the latest technological developments aimed at optimizing insulator design and application as well as inspection processes and equipment to assess condition in service.
Chairman: Dr. Igor Gutman, Independent Insulation Group, Sweden

Session #3
Technology & Service Experience in Application of Surge Arresters
This session will review technologies and experience in different applications of surge arresters to protect lines and substations.
Chairman: Dr. William Chisholm, T&D Expert, Canada

Session #4
Testing & Condition Assessment of Cable Systems & Accessories
This session will discuss approaches and methodologies to test cable systems both in the laboratory and on-site as part of pre-commissioning or condition monitoring.
Chairman: Paul Leufkens, Power Projects Leufkens, United States

Session #5
Site Severity Assessment & Line/Substation Design for Polluted Service Environments
This session will explain procedures to assess pollution exposure and severity of electrical infrastructure and to specify insulation design suitable for this environment.
Chairman: Alberto Pigini, T&D Expert, Italy

Session #6
Testing & Certification Procedures to Ensure Application of Quality MV/HV Grid Components
This session will explore the most effective processes and procedures to qualify suppliers and their products prior to acquisition and application on power grids.
Chairman: Dr. Iryani Mohamed Rawi, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia

Session #7
Optimizing Material Properties & Production Technologies for Polymeric MV/HV Components for Power Grids
This session will focus on material properties and production technologies that allow optimized manufacture of consistently high-quality polymeric grid components.
Chairman: Dr. Frank Schmuck, T&D Expert, Switzerland