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(as of February 1, 2023)

Ahmed, Usama

Transmission Solutions Manager, Shemar Power, Canada

Towards Ultimate Compaction of Overhead Transmission Lines: Integrating CICA & EGLA Technologies

Mr. Ahmed received his M.Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan. He started his professional work in the field of transmission lines and insulation design with NESPAK. In 2020, he was appointed Transmission Solutions Manager for composite insulated cross-arms and compact lines in Shemar Power (Canada)....  » READ MORE

Arora, Neelesh

CEO, Epsilon Asia Group, India

Climate Change-Resilient Insulators: Design Optimization for Increased Transmission Reliability Based on Environmental Conditions in India

Mr. Arora is an expert in standardization and deployment of RTV high voltage insulator coatings for AC/DC applications up to 1200 kV and has contributed to introduction and adoption of this technology across India. He is co-author of the CIGRÉ WG B2.69 ‘Coatings for Power Networks’ and has also been nominated by India to IEC 36/63432 “RTV Coatings for outdoor insulators”....  » READ MORE

Arrigoni, Ricardo

Business Development Manager for Components, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, Germany

Interchangeability of MV Composite Bushings with Traditional Porcelain Types

Mr. Arrigoni has over 20 years experience in the transformer industry as well as in the bushing and accessory business. He started his career working for Siemens Power Transformers Brazil in the Mechanical Design Department for large power transformers. Subsequently, he moved to Comem Brazil in Technical Sales for components....  » READ MORE

Asto Soto, Samuel Arturo

Transmission Line Coordinator, Power Grid of Peru, Peru

Performance of Composite Insulators in Environments with Extreme Conditions: Pollution, Altitude, UV & Lightning

Mr. Asto Soto is an Electrical Engineer, graduated in 2000 from the National University of the Center of Peru (UNCP 2000) with a Masters of Business Administration from the University Ricardo Palma. He has detailed experience in management, planning and supervision of electrical maintenance and projects in mining,...  » READ MORE

Bhurat, Puneeth

Vijaya Sales Corporation, India

Application of Line Surge Arresters for Switching Overvoltages in UHV Transmission Systems

Mr. Bhurat completed his Bachelors in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Vishveshwaraya Technological University and his Masters in Electrical Engineering from CPRI Research Center. He later worked as Jr. Research Fellow in the HV Div. of CPRI during which he performed insulation coordination studies on EHV &...  » READ MORE

Cardenas, David

Product Manager, Prolec-Celeco, Mexico

Improving Reliability of Distribution Class Arresters through Disruptive Innovations

Mr. Cárdenas received a B.S. from UANL University and an MBA in Energy from EOI School in Madrid, Spain. Over 15 years iof product management, business development, marketing and innovation experience, he has developed a solid understanding of product needs and applications in distribution systems. As Product Manager,...  » READ MORE

Chisholm, William

T&D Consultant, Canada

1. Balancing the Budget for Renovating Lines: Groundwires, OPGW, Insulation, Earthing & Arresters
2. Selecting Insulators by Adapting & Calibrating Satellite & Ground-Based Measurements of Air Pollution

Dr. Chisholm is an expert in the effects of adverse weather on overhead power lines, including lightning and grounding, icing on insulators and thermal rating. He has been an IEEE Fellow for a decade – a distinction given after his long career at Ontario Hydro and Kinectrics....  » READ MORE

De Fina, Laura

R&D Expert for Bushings, GE Grid Solutions, Italy

Comparing Composite & Porcelain High Voltage Dry Bushings for Severe Service Conditions

Dr. De Fina received her M. S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Milano Polytechnic University in 2003. After graduation, she joined different companies in Energy and Automation business, working in technical area. Since 2017, she has been working as R&D Expert at GE Grid Solution for HVDC and RIP AC bushings and also in charge of development of HVDC bushings....  » READ MORE

de Nigris, Michele

Director, Sustainable Development & Energy Sources, RSE, Italy

1. Increasing Resilience of Underground Distribution Lines Against Heat Waves: Case Study from Milan, Italy
2. Wildfires as Increasing Threat to Overhead Lines: Recent Experience in Italy

Mr. de Nigris is Director of the Sustainable Development and Energy Sources Department of RSE – Research on the Energy System. An Electrical engineer, he actively worked in the transmission and distribution technologies sector at CESI and subsequently in RSE,...  » READ MORE

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