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Monday Oct 17th

Advancements in Braced Line Post Testing
Application of Polymer Insulators for Varying Natural Environments in Japan
Ceramic Insulators Under Elevated Temperatures
Characterizing Polymer Surfaces to Optimize Insulator Performance & Characteristics
Coatings for Power Network Equipment: Overview of Recent CIGRE Activities
Composite Insulators with Optical Fibres for Applications in HV
Designing & Testing Solid-Core Bushings for Pollution & Long Service Life
Diagnostics, Maintenance and Replacement Strategies Applied to Insulators & Cable Systems
Dimensioning of DC Porcelain & Composite Cable Terminations: Experience in Europe
Enhancing Performance of Filament Cage Metal Oxide Surge Arresters: MV & HV Applications
High Performance Silicones for Transmission & Distribution Applications
Innovative Line Uprating & Line Compaction Using Line Arresters
Insulation & Its Role in Line Optimization Studies
Operating an Independent Accredited Laboratory in a Large Manufacturing Organization
Presentation of Claude de Tourreil Memorial Awards: 2020, 2021 & 2022
Selecting Proper Corona Protection Using E-Field Modeling
Silicone Coating of Insulators: Latest Technical Knowledge Based on Field Performance & Laboratory Testing
Taking Live Line Tool Design to Another Level

Tuesday Oct 18th

765 kV Externally Gapped Line Surge Arrester (EGLA): Steps in Design, Testing & Integration
Aeolian Noise from Polymer Insulators & Appropriate Countermeasures
Application & Field Experience with Metal Oxide Surge Arresters
Application of Composite Apparatus Insulators at Substations: Policy, Driving Forces & Service Experience
Application of Composite Insulators: Perceptions vs. Service Experience
Application of Leakage Current Monitoring in Design of HVDC Insulation
Application of Polymer Insulators as Countermeasure for Volcanic Ash
Application Strategies for Offline Measurement of PD in Power Cables
Cable Testing: State of the Art, Standards & Technological Developments
Concept for Determination of ‘Health index’ for Composite Longrod Insulators Based on Laboratory Testing
Concrete Grounding Systems Solutions Based on Electric Field & Potential
Condition Assessment of Long Length Medium Voltage Underground Cable Using Dual Side Offline Partial Discharge Measurement
Developments in Test Methods & Acceptance Criteria for On/Offshore Power Cables
Evaluating Lightning Performance of Overhead Lines & Methods for Reducing Trip Rate
Externally-Gapped Line Arrester Technology: Background, Development & Future Directions
Framing With Composite Insulators
Impact of Biological Growths on Application of Composite Insulators: Experience Under European Conditions
Increasing Confidence in MV Cable Testing & Diagnostics
Influence of Variation in Rain Parameters on Flashover Voltage of Insulators
Insulation Design & Inspection Experience at ESB (Irish TAO): Lessons Learned
Interphase Spacer Applications
Lessons from Two Decades Experience Commissioning Testing HV Power Cables
Lightning Safety on HV Grid Components
Mechanical Considerations & Service Life of Non-Gapped Line Arresters
Offline Commissioning & Maintenance Testing of HV & EHV Cable Systems
On-Site Partial Discharge Measurement Using Rogowski Coil for Insulation Condition in MV Power Cables
Operational Experience with Composite Insulators at HVDC Substations
Opportunity for Total Cost Optimization of Energy Systems Using Metal Oxide Surge Arresters
Optimization & Insights with Online MV Cable Monitoring in Practical Applications
Optimizing Application of MV Surge Arresters in Resistor-Capacitor (RC) Snubbers: How to Simulate, Select & Apply
Overview of CIRED WG 2017 ‘Test Recommendations for Ground Screen Power Cable Connections’
Partial Discharge Measurements Related to 525 kV HVDC Corridor Projects in Germany
Porcelain Long Rod versus Cap & Pin Insulators: Impact on Overhead Line Design
Practical Application of Neural Networks in Measuring Partial Discharges in MV Power Cables
Procedures & Challenges of Dimensioning DC insulators
Projects for Insulation of High Voltage Power Lines
Quality Assurance & Quality Control of HVDC Cable Systems
Quality of Sheath-to-Rod Bonding in Polymeric Insulators to Assure Satisfactory Long-Term Performance
RTV Coatings on Ceramic Insulators: Latest Developments and R&D Needs
Simulation of Electric Field: What & What Not to Expect
Site Measurement & Analysis for Improving Lightning Performance of 500 kV Transmission Line
Smart & Effective Monitoring of Surge Arresters: Utility Experience & Feedback
Static Analysis of Transmission Line Outages Due to Lightning Discharges
Surge Arrester Considerations in Utility Scale Photovoltaic Systems
Surge Arrester Stresses due to Harmonic Resonance Temporary Overvoltages in Transmission Systems: Case Study of Dutch Grid
System vs. Component Approach for Qualification of HV Cables & Accessories
Testing & Certification Procedures for MV Premoulded Aerial Bundled Cable Straight Through Joints
Testing Extruded Cable Systems Up to 525 kV DC: Laboratory Experience & Latest Requests From The Market
Testing High Voltage Cable Without Ageing the Cable Itself
Testing World’s Longest Subsea 150 kV AC Cable Interconnection
Trends & Lessons from Laboratory Testing of Power Cables
Understanding & Mitigating Corona on Polymer Insulators

Wednesday Oct 19th

AC & DC Pollution Testing Methods: Accuracy & Limitations
Ageing & Pollution Tests: Tools for Design & Systematic Evaluation
Composite Insulator Performance in Aggressive Service Environments: Comparison vs. Coated Glass Insulators
Designing & Manufacturing Quality Insulators: Not All Polymers Are the Same (Part 1)
Designing & Manufacturing Quality Insulators: Not All Polymers Are the Same (Part 2)
Developing Global Consensus: IEEE Standard 1820, Guide on Selection of T&D Insulators
Development & Testing New Insulating Compound for HV Dry Cable Accessories & Other Apparatus
Development & Testing of Silicone Rubber Filled Synthetic Wollastonite Dielectric Composite for HV Applications
Development of IEC-Based Methodology for Site Severity Assessment
Dimensioning Silicone-Coated Glass Insulators for Polluted Environments
Documentation & Technical Evaluation for Product Certification of MV/HV Network Components
Estimating Insulator Contamination from Site Meteorological Parameters
Evaluation of Hydrophobicity Transfer & Retention: State-of-the-Art & Future Outlook
Full-Scale Comparative Testing of Helical & Concentric Shed Profiles
Impact of Climate Change on Overhead Transmission Lines
Impact of Insulator Pollution on Resilience of Power Networks: Experience in Italy
Impact of Residual Quartz on Lifetime of High Strength Porcelain
Influence of Different Pollution Sources on Performance of Insulation: Back to Basics
Innovative Processing Methods & Technologies for Liquid Silicone Rubber
Insulation Characteristics of GFRP Crossarm Subjected to Lightning Impulse Testing
Internal Arc Test of MV Switchgear
Maintenance Strategy to Increase Power Transformer Reliability: Experience in Indonesia
Making Production of Composite Insulation Products Intelligent, Simple & Energy-Saving
Molecular Characterization of Polymeric Surfaces
Naturally Polluted Insulator Test Stations: Complement or Alternative to Standardized Artificial Ageing Testing
Opportunities to Further Develop Porcelain Insulator Technology in Terms of Performance, Cost & Profitability
Optimized Processing of High Viscosity Liquid Silicone Rubbers for Large Electrical Components
Optimizing Silicone Rubber-Based Housing Materials for HV Composite Insulators in Outdoor Applications
Overview of Contemporary Reinforced Silicones: Liquid, Solid & Resin-Like Molding Materials
Pollution Design & On-Site Monitoring of Insulators for AIS Disconnectors
Pollution Design & Testing: Unresolved Issues
Practical Application of Pollution Standards: Issues & Questions
Quality Assurance for Renewable Energy Projects
Quality Evaluation of MV/HV Network Components: Experience with Failures & Lessons Learned
Reviewing 25 Years of Improvement in Non-Ceramic Materials & Corresponding Process Technologies for Line & Substation Insulation: Past Challenges, Present Solutions & Future Requirements
RIP Bushing Service Experience & Replacement Strategy at TNB
Selecting Optimal Outdoor Insulation Under Heavily Polluted Conditions
Special Solutions for Efficient Production of Quality Insulators & Cable Accessories Made from Elastomers
Status of Pollution Test Procedures for Insulators Made from Hydrophobicity Transfer Materials
Textured Polymeric Insulators for Application at 400 kV: Overview & Progress in Development
Using Environmental Parameters to Create Pollution Maps for Power Utilities: Experience in Brazil
Utility Perspective on Outdoor Insulator Selection for Polluted Environments