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Asto Soto, Samuel Arturo

Transmission Line Coordinator, Power Grid of Peru, Peru

Composite Insulator Performance in Aggressive Service Environments: Comparison vs. Coated Glass Insulators

Mr. Asto Soto is an Electrical Engineer, graduated in 2000 from the National University of the Center of Peru (UNCP 2000) with further studies in Masters of Business Administration at the University Ricardo Palma. He has detailed experience in management, planning and supervision of electrical maintenance and projects in mining,...  » READ MORE

Bell, Steve

Engineering Manager, K-Line Insulators, Canada

1. Tower Framing Conversions Using Polymer Insulators
2. Interphase Spacer Applications

Mr. Bell holds a Bachelor of Applied Science ME degree from the University of Toronto and works as part of the engineering and development team devoted to new composite insulator and interphase spacer designs and applications. Among his current goals is further improving insulator performance through research and product testing....  » READ MORE

Cardano, Paolo

R&D Sr. Expert for Bushings, GE Grid Solutions, Italy

Designing & Testing Solid-Core Bushings for Pollution & Long Service Life

Dr. Cardano received his Doctoral Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Milano Polytechnic University. After graduation, he joined Passoni & Villa in various positions in the technical area. He is presently R&D senior expert at GE Grid Solution for OIP, HVDC and gas bushings and also in charge of development of UHV AC bushings....  » READ MORE

Carreira, A. J. (Tony)

President, K-Line Insulators, Canada

1. Polymer Insulators & Live Line Work
2. Interphase Spacer Applications

Mr. Carreira received a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo after years working in the utility industry in distribution and transmission design, construction and maintenance. He is member of CIGRE, CSA, CEA and Sr. Member of IEEE and has chaired the IEEE TF “Guidelines for the In-service Classification of NCI Damage” as well as ESMOL TF on IEEE Std 957 “Guide for Cleaning Insulators”....  » READ MORE

CHEN Xiujuan

Sr. Engineer, High Voltage Technology, China Electric Power Research Institute, China

Key Technology & Application of UHVAC Controllable Metal Oxide Arresters

Dr. CHEN obtained her PhD at the China Electric Power Research Institute and now works in this Department as Professorate Senior Engineer of High Voltage Technology. Her research interests include power system lightning mechanisms, lightning protection, metal oxide arresters as well as overvoltage and insulation coordination. In 2005,...  » READ MORE

Chisholm, William A.

T&D Expert, Canada

Chair, SESSION 3: Technology & Service Experience in Application of Surge Arresters

Selecting Insulators for Metallic Earth Return on HVDC Lines

Dr Chisholm is an expert in the effects of adverse weather on overhead power lines, including lightning and grounding, icing on insulators and thermal rating. He has been an IEEE Fellow for a decade – a distinction given after his long career at Ontario Hydro and Kinectrics....  » READ MORE

Condon, Tim

Quality Manager, Network Engineering, ESB Engineering, Ireland

Insulation Design & Inspection Experience at ESB (Irish TAO): Lessons Learned

Mr. Condon received his Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Engineering from National University of Ireland Galway in Ireland and has over 22 years of experience in high voltage equipment manufacturing and the power utility industry. His current role with ESB Engineering and Major Projects includes such areas as substation design,...  » READ MORE

de Nigris, Michele

Director, Sustainable Development & Energy Sources, RSE, Italy

Monitoring, Mapping, Modelling & Mitigating Pollution: Application Experience on the Italian Transmission System

Mr. de Nigris received his Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Genoa and now serves as Director of Sustainable Development & Energy Sources Department at RSE. He was elected Chairman, IEA Technology Collaboration Program International Smart Grids Action Network at the first Executive Committee Meeting....  » READ MORE

Engelbrecht, Chris

Consultant, EPRI, United States/Netherlands

Approach to Select & Dimension Polymer Insulators for Polluted Conditions

Mr. Engelbrecht has been internationally active in the field of insulation co-ordination since 1990. He convened CIGRE WG C4.303 that has completed the Guidelines for selecting HVDC insulators with respect to pollution. He has been Convener of CIGRÉ Working Group C4.23 as well as a member of IEC TC36 WG 11....  » READ MORE

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