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(as of June 8, 2021)

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Garcia, Ricardo Wesley Salles

Researcher, Transmission Lines & Equipment Dept., Electrical Energy Research Center (CEPEL), Brazil

Using Environmental Parameters to Create Pollution Maps for Power Utilities: Experience in Brazil

Mr. Garcia received his Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering and MSc in High Voltage Engineering from Rio de Janeiro Federal University. Since 1985, he has worked in the Transmission Lines and Equipment Department at Brazil’s Electrical Energy Research Center (CEPEL). His research activities are related to ageing and pollution tests on insulators as well as live line maintenance of overhead transmission lines....  » READ MORE

Gehrig, Michel

Engineer & Project Manager, Hübers Verfahrenstechnik Maschinenbau, Germany

Optimized Processing of High Viscosity Liquid Silicone Rubbers for Large Electrical Components

Mr. Gehrig studied material science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He then worked for 9 years as Leader of the Application Laboratory for Electrical Applications at resin supplier, Ciba-Geigy. He later worked as Managing Director of an equipment supplier and mold maker....  » READ MORE

Grindling, Josef

Project Manager, Vogel moulds and machines, Switzerland

Innovative Manufacturing Processes & Technologies for Liquid Silicone Rubber

Dr. Grindling graduated from the Montanuniversität Leoben in Austria with a Degree in Polymer Engineering and Science. Later, while working, he completed his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the University Paderborn in Germany and his MBA from the University of Zurich in Switzerland. He was employed for 20 years with Ciba Geigy/Novartis,...  » READ MORE

GU Shanqiang

Chief Engineer, Wuhan NARI State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, China

Surge Arrester Development for Lightning Protection of UHV DC Transmission Lines

Dr. Gu received a PhD in High Voltage Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing in 2007. Currently, he is Executive Deputy Director of the Lightning Monitoring and Warning Center of the State Grid Corporation of China. His research interests include lightning monitoring, lightning warning, lightning and overvoltage protection technology and advanced operation of power transmission lines....  » READ MORE

Gumilang, Harry

Live Line Maintenance & Maintenance Facility, PLN Persero (Indonesian TSO), Indonesia

Maintenance Strategy to Increase Power Transformer Reliability: Experience in Indonesia

Mr. Gumilang received his B.A.Sc. from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Politeknik Negeri Bandung in 2005 and his M.Sc from the Dept, of Electrical Engineering at Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2015. He has worked for PT PLN (PERSERO) since 2006 and published several conference papers in the area of High Voltage Power Transformer Diagnostics....  » READ MORE

Gutman, Igor

Independent Insulation Group, Sweden

1. Development of IEC-Based Methodology for Site Severity Assessment
2. Application of Composite Insulators: Perceptions vs. Service Experience
3. Status of Pollution Test Procedures for Insulators Made from Hydrophobicity Transfer Materials

Dr. Gutman received his MSc and PhD in HV engineering from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute and has experience covering 40 years. In 1994 he joined STRI where his main areas of activity included dimensioning and maintenance of insulation in clean and polluted environments;...  » READ MORE