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Hafeez, Shakir

General Manager & Head of Transmission Lines, National Engineering Services, Pakistan

Selecting Optimal Outdoor Insulation Under Heavily Polluted Conditions

Mr. Hafeez obtained his BSc & MSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology & Engineering in Lahore and over his career has had extensive experience in design and control of HV and EHV transmission line projects. He has supervised project planning and scheduling, including conceptual design, cost estimation and design of transmission lines and is an expert in preparing bid documents outlining drawing of towers,...  » READ MORE

Huzainie Shafi Bin Abd Halim

Cable Specialist, Transmission & Distribution, TNB Research, Malaysia

Condition Assessment of Long Length Medium Voltage Underground Cable using Dual Side Offline Partial Discharge Measurement

Mr. Ts. Huzainie received his Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Portsmouth, U.K. and a Master of Electrical Engineering from Tenaga Nasional University. He is Registered Professional Electrical Engineer and Professional Technologist in Electrical & Electronics. He is currently attached with the High Voltage Diagnostic Research Group at TNB Research where his main focus is on quality assurance,...  » READ MORE

HE Jinliang

Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

Deeply Suppressing Overvoltage of 1000 kV AC UHV Power Grid by Low Residual Voltage Surge Arresters

Professor He received a PhD in high voltage engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing in 1994. Currently, he is a Cheung-Kong Scholar Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education of China in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University and leads the university’s High Voltage and Insulation Technology Research Institute....  » READ MORE

He, Sam

Overseas Sales Manager, Dekuma Rubber and Plastic Technology, China

Selecting Injection Machines for Manufacturing Polymeric Insulators & Hollow Core Insulators

Mr. He has worked at Dekuma for over 10 years. His long experience interacting with composite insulator manufacturers from all over the world has given him an understanding of what is involved when choosing the best machines to meet the needs....  » READ MORE

Hore, Dennis

Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria, Canada

Characterizing Polymer Surfaces to Optimize Insulator Performance & Characteristics

Dr. Hore obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Queen’s University and in Physics at the Royal Military College. He then became a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Oregon, studying solvent and surfactant structure using a variety of computational and spectroscopic techniques. He joined the Chemistry Department at the University of Victoria in 2006,...  » READ MORE

Jeroense, Marc

CEO, MarCable Consulting, Sweden

Quality Assurance & Quality Control of HVDC Cable Systems

Dr. Jeroense’s professional career in the global power cable industry spans more than 25 years and has involved such activities as managing global R&D projects and portfolios, heading a HV test laboratory and serving as Product Manager at the interface of market and technology. With long experience in the CIGRE community,...  » READ MORE

Jovanovic, Ivan

Director of Engineering, Specialty Products, G&W Electric, United States

Customized Test Program for 220/230 kV Cables & Accessories per IEC, GB, AEIC & ICEA Requirements

Mr. Jovanovic obtained his Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Belgrade and his MBA from the University of Chicago. In 2001, he joined G&W Electric and currently has global responsibility for Technology and Engineering of Specialty Products including Cable Accessories. He oversees development and introduction of HV and EHV terminations and joints for extruded and oil-impregnated paper cables up to 500 kV and is involved in all aspects of cable systems,...  » READ MORE

Kruizinga, Bart

Consultant, Smart Cable Guard, DNV GL, Singapore

Composite Insulator Performance in Aggressive Service Environments: Comparison vs. Coated Glass Insulators

Mr. Asto Soto is an Electrical Engineer, graduated in 2000 from the National University of the Center of Peru (UNCP 2000) with further studies in Masters of Business Administration at the University Ricardo Palma. He has detailed experience in management, planning and supervision of electrical maintenance and projects in mining,...  » READ MORE

Lachman, Jan

Director, EGU-HV Laboratory, Czech Republic

Testing Quality of Sheath-to-Rod Bonding in Polymeric Insulators to Assure Satisfactory Long-Term Performance

Dr. Lachman graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering where he later received his PhD degree. After graduation, he joined EGU-HV Laboratory as a test engineer. He has also had experience as a design engineer when working abroad. He is active in IEC/CIGRE Working Groups and represents the Czech Republic in SC D1....  » READ MORE